Thursday, July 23, 2009

What the....?

My business partner has regular digs at me about my small world.
Whether it's going out for your Husband's Birthday to a random pub and finding most of your High School there, finding out you used to do Little Athletics with your Husband's best friend when you were both 6, being introduced to a new worker and realising it's your life-long friend's ex-boyfriend from High School (not the same High School by the way), staying at a resort on Koh Samui and noticing a star on the bar you get when you shout the entire bar a round of drinks with two names on it and it turns out to be a co-worker and his fiancé's, you know, that type of thing.

It's generally been isolated to the Australia Pacific region, but today's incident has trumped all other small world incidents.

So I receive an email from Trip Advisor about their "Best Kept Secrets".
I decided to check them out, but once noting the destinations became all ho-hum and thought I'd check out a couple of the resorts I'd stayed at in Thailand to see if they were continuing to get good reviews (I desperately want to get back to Thailand soon).

I was flicking through some of the recent photos uploaded by reviewers and noticed this one.

Oh yeah, I remember that pool. At about 8am every day my Husband and I would waltz down to the beach when no one was around yet, go for a dip, then laze in the pool exactly like that girl is in the.... hang on. That's me!

Yes, the girl in the pool in that photo is me enjoying my morning at the Imperial Samui on Koh Samui.

The photo was uploaded onto TripAdvisor in December, so if the date hadn't have been there I probably wouldn't have looked twice. But when I saw the yellow li-low it reminded me of the one I used while there, then the hat, then, yep they're my bikinis.

And if you have any doubt, here's a close up my other half took of me doing exactly the same thing at a later time in the day. There really wasn't much movement from me between 8am and 5pm other than drifting where the tide of the pool took me for 6 days (I swear I got out to pee though).

I don't know who the reviewer is, other than he's from Malaysia, but what are the chances that someone who decided to review that resort, just happened to snap that picture and that I happened upon it.

By the way, the resort, location, pool and staff were amazing.

Oh, and my business partner said it's going to be pretty tough to top this one.
Come on Universe, ball's in your court now. Let's see what you can do.

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