Tuesday, August 18, 2009

When a Dog's 1st Birthday Goes Baaaaad...

My Husband and I have been sifting through old photos. Well, can you say you're sifting when you're actually just hitting the Next button on the Windows Picture and Fax Viewer? To keep things simple, we'll stick with the old terminology.

So, we were sifting through old photos and found some of Ralph's 1st Birthday.

I'm not really one to treat dogs like kids; other than I drive them around everywhere, I take them to the vet if they get even a slightly sniffly nose, I tell them to stay away from the dog up the street that humps everyone's leg because I think he's a bad influence, but other than that, I don't dress up my dogs (except at Christmas) and don't celebrate their Birthday with anything much more than a Dentabone (except for Ralph's 1st Birthday). Yeah, I'm in denial.

Ralph was born on December 1, 2004 and looked a little something like this (well 5 weeks later he looked a little something like this)...

Look at the widdle, tiny, bubba.. ahem, sorry.

So for his 1st Birthday we picked up some party hats, some giant Denta Bones, cranked up the music and our little family partied like it was 1999. Then again, 1999 was a real let down so let's just say we partied like it was Ralph's 1st Birthday.

First off we had to get them ready for the party. So the party hats needed to go on.
Kelpies aren't known for their love of hijinx and general frivolity. They're working dogs. They're serious.
"Alright, alright. I look like I'm having fun don't I?"

We managed to get a hat on Ralph pretty easily but he seemed a little distracted.

"Did someone say Scooby Snacks?"

Jack wasn't dealing too well with being dressed up.

"This is so humiliating"

We finally managed to get Ralph's attention long enough to take some Birthday snaps.

"Why doesn't Jack want to be part of my Birthday?"

Now let's try for a photo that is actually in focus.

I think we should have got bigger Birthday hats.

Now for the Birthday Party Goody Bags in the shape of a Denta Bone to make this party really get kicking. And this is where it all went pear shaped. It very quickly went from a happy party where all the kids are getting sugared up on fairy bread to some serious dummy spits with kids crying and needing to go home for a sleep.

"You've got my toys, I sleep outside now, I share my Mum, you're not getting my Denta Bone!"
*Bottom of blog entry

In Jack's defence, prior to the arrival of Ralph he used to sleep on my bed (that was also pre-Husband), go for 3km walks every day either in the bush or by the ocean, he had as many toys as any dog could want and kept them in good condition, he'd get all the scraps and generally all the attention.

On the first night of Ralph arriving at our home he was put in the laundry and cried... and cried... and cried. I'd already raised Jack so I knew what was coming, but for my Husband, this was his first dog and didn't realise how much work they take. I'd rather he find out with dogs than kids! So on the second night, Ralph was put outside, along with Jack and next thing Jack knew, he had a son/much younger Brother.

"Ok. You can sleep with me. But just for tonight. Tomorrow, you're back on your own bed Mister"

Almost 4 years on from Ralph's 1st Birthday, Jack and Ralph are inseparable. If you take Jack in the car and leave Ralph behind, Ralph will jump in the car when I get home and refuse to get out until I take him and Jack for a drive. I can't take Ralph to the vet without Jack. And Jack insists on being on the table with Ralph while he's getting examined. I'm not sure if it's to be supportive or to mock him when he has his temperature taken.

I'd say it was Brotherly love, but Jack's attitude towards Ralph is more like his protector. Ironic considering the size difference.

Despite the minor dummy spit over the party goodies, we all had a great time. Besides, aren't Birthday's all about getting the family together?

* A compromise was reached in relation to where the dogs sleep and it was decided that wherever was best for them they would sleep (except on our bed). So on Summer nights when a nice cool breeze is coming through, they're outside, during cold, Winter nights, they're inside.