Friday, May 16, 2008

The Tails of Jack 'n' Ralph - Part II

Part I here
He's going to get how big?
After I found out that Jack was a Kelpie and not a Rotti I knew that he was going to be a lot smaller than initially anticipated. Woohoo! Less screaming kids in the street, less small dog owners crossing the road, leaving the park, moving house because of Jack, and if need be I could pick him up and run. You would be surprised how often that occurs.

When my husband said he reeeeeeeeally wanted a Ridgeback x Bullmastiff there was the natural apprehension of exactly how big was he going to get.

Surely he can't get that big. He's so tiny! He can't even get up the stairs of the decking.The relationship between Jack and Ralph was going swimmingly. Well, for us it was going swimmingly. Jack doesn't have a vote in this one. So, when it came time for Ralph's first injections, Jack came along and we thought we would pose two questions to the Vet. 1. Exactly how big is Ralph going to get and 2. Why is Jack being so nurturing towards Ralph.

Not that we were complaining that Jack was treating Ralph like his little best buddy, but we were a bit surprised.

The vet summed it up.

"Kelpies aren't stupid. He knows exactly how big this little tyke is going to get"

Guess that one sentence answered both of our questions.
Now we just had to wait for it to happen ...
This is what happens when the new puppy indulges himself a little too much on Australia Day. Too much Eukanuba and puppy milk. He's got his teddy bear to help him with the hangover tomorrow.

By the way, that teddy bear isn't even as big as his nose any more, and not through him ripping it to pieces.

Still to come:
- The very expensive corn cobs
- Why Jack has a phobia of golf clubs
- The backyard
- The Rack or the Jalph?
- What's that smell?
- Getting back to one's roots
- What scares the crap out of Ralph?
- Grrrrrrrrrr
- When a dog's 1st Birthday goes bad


Marmalade McWraith said...

Hi Narelle,

McWraith here from Joe's blog. Just saying hi. Enjoyed seeing your wedding photos. Looks like it was a fun day.


Narelle from Aus said...

Hey McWraith!

You do realise I cannot eat a Macca's cheeseburger anymore without thinking of you. Adds a whole new spin to the meat in the burger.

Wedding was a great day. Rain, rain and more rain. And I had a bird poo on my wedding ring. I'd had all the good luck signs I could handle.

See you at Joe's :)