Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Tails of Jack 'n' Ralph

An Introduction to our Furry Kids

Let's keep this simple to start with.
We have two dogs.

And Ralph...We usually have a strict "no dressing up the dogs" policy (dogs are entitled to their dignity), however for Christmas those rules get thrown out of the window.

"While you sleep Mum, you watch, while you sleep"

A Little About Jack
Jack is a 5 1/2 year old Australian Kelpie.
I adopted Jack from a shelter when he was 5 months old.
He had been beaten, burnt and starved.
The shelter estimated he had been wandering through an Industrial Estate for 3 weeks.
The first time I met Jack he ran out of his cage, straight under my legs and gave me "that" look.
So after a week of continually calling the shelter to see if his owners had claimed him (can't believe they allow that!) they announced to me that he was mine to come and adopt.

When I adopted Jack his certificate said "Rotti X". I didn't really want a Rotti but he seemed very gentle so I didn't mind.
I took him to the vet for his booster shots for the vet to say "He's a beautiful Kelpie". Hmmmm. Interesting. Turns out I had a pure bred Kelpie.

When people buy a Kelpie they cannot fathom what is involved. This is why so many are abandoned and unfortunately mistreated. This is a working sheep dog. It needs at least 4kms of exercise a day and needs to be mentally stimulated; and I was short on sheep.

Jack and I spent a year together taking trips to the beach, running through the forests, going out for breakfast, lounging around watching Dogs with Jobs on Discovery - that was before I met my husband.

A Little About Ralph
Ralph is now a 3 1/2 year old Ridgeback x Bull Mastiff
When my husband and I decided to buy our house, he wanted a dog. We toured the shelters but he had a particular type of dog in mind. It was an unusual breed and we would struggle to find an abandoned one. So I started scouring the papers.

Finally I found a litter of 6 week old Ridgeback x Bull Mastiff puppies.
Hands up who knows what Ridgebacks are bred for? For those of you who said protecting women from Lions, 10 points to you.
Ready, one, two, three - Aaawwwwww.

How could THAT protect you from Lions? Not that we have an issue with that in Australia, but it's nice to know should the need ever arise.

Ralph's first night home and he decided to cry all night. He's a puppy, that's what puppies do.
I was used to this with having already raised Jack. Hubby thought otherwise and decided this was a job for a Kelpie.

So Ralph was put out with Jack and their bond was formed.

Coming up in future posts:
- He's going to get how big?
- The backyard
- The Rack or the Jalph?
- What's that smell?
- Getting back to one's roots
- What scares the crap out of Ralph?
- Grrrrrrrrrr
- When a dog's 1st Birthday goes bad


Chevron7 said...

Awww. They're beautiful Narelle. I'll never understand how some people mistreat animals, particularly their pets.

Fortunately there are people like yourself to give them a new life.

Thanks for sharing.

Cheers, Chev

Narelle from Aus said...

Thanks Chev.

I would consider myself a pacifist, but when I hear of or see animal cruelty I have an overwhelming desire to beat the living daylights out of that person. Deep breaths.. back to calm thoughts :)

I always wonder if Jack would recognise his old owner if their paths ever crossed again.

Cheers, Narelle

ytimynona said...

Awww!!! Your puppies are SOOO cute!!! Thanks for the pictures and stories ;-)

We got a beagle from the shelter and it took her a long time to trust us. Every time we left the house, she thought we were leaving her for good! But eventually she did learn that we were her family and now she's a happy dog. Haha and she loves to play with our new dachshund puppy!!!!


Narelle from Aus said...

Thanks Delynn!

Adopting a dog from a shelter always comes with its challenges, but it is extremely rewarding to see them in a happy life.

Ooooh, a dachy puppy would be so adorable.

All the best!

Cheers, Narelle

Susan the Tartan Turtle said...

Narelle -your dogs are really cute.

Our bullmastiff/German Shepherd had a gorgeous nature. He was never really socialised with other dogs when he was a puppy and he thought that he was human.

He was born in 1980 - before people started freaking out about dogs being dangerous. He used to escape from the garden and go to the local infant school to play with the children. When I left home in 1986 I took him with me. He was 8 when he died - but he had a really good life. And no - he never grew up - always the eternal puppy.

I have two cats at present - psychotic killing machines.

frankiemerlin.livejournal.com/ is the address of my cat's blog! :-)

Narelle from Aus said...

Hey SusantheTartanTurtle!

Went and visited your moggies site. Loved it!

Your BM/GS sounded like a true companion.

Cheers, Narelle