Thursday, August 28, 2008

Great Moments in Karmic History

I would like to start a new segment for this blog. Not that anyone reads it, so I'm sure it will end with this one entry, but what the hey.

Have you ever had an experience where you thought, "Well that's Karma for you?".
Whether it is the man that gets eaten by a crocodile after he was tormenting it for an hour with a dead chicken attached to his fishing rod, or that evil person who is laughing at an old lady having fallen over and then gets hit by a car as they are crossing the road, there are some moments that seems the universe is dishing out some karmic justice.

So I would like to share a karmic moment in history.

You might have to stay with me for a bit on this one while I give you some back story.
So this would have occurred around day 12 of our trip, but day 2 in Koh Samui.
While in Koh Samui, Hubby and I had our little spot that we sat.

Grass to keep you cool, close to the pool and beach. Perfect.

With this location always being high in demand, it would require an 8am start on the beach. The resort was full of very focussed, very committed tanners... except for us.

We set down our belongings and decided that some time in the ocean was a good way to start the hour of 8am.

I walked around the outside of the deck chair and the corner of the solid timber deck chair found that nice soft bit between the top of your lower leg and your knee cap. You know the one. The only place in your leg that is really, really sensitive. When you combine solid timber with something not solid, man it hurt!

I had the silent scream while clutching knee going on and Hubby was not only laughing but then giving me the lecture on "Well, it's not like it jumped out at you. We have been here for a couple of days." While I regained my composure Hubby skipped off to the beach. Wow, was this going to leave a nasty bruise.

A few hours later Hubby comes over to me trying to disguise a limp. I notice his knee bleeding.
"What happened?"
"What happened?" Sometimes asking twice works.
"Yeah, I'd like to believe you, but your bleeding knee makes me suspicious. What happened?"
"I walked into the corner of the deck chair".

If I was a much better person I would have just stayed quiet and showed my concern. But no, I decided to laugh, give him back the sentences he gave me and pointed out to not mess with Karma.

At least he ended up laughing with me while mumbling "I knew I shouldn't have picked on you before".

We talk about thinking of the consequences of your actions and never take joy out of someone else's misfortune. I thought it was a good practical lesson in this. Hopefully my laughing and fun making in the name of giving a lesson in karma makes us square... I really hope!

So while it isn't any great amazing story of karma which involved flying monkeys and getting rich, I thought the lesson learnt made it definitely A Great Moment In Karmic History.

So, anyone else have one?


Joseph Mallozzi said...

Tell you hubby HaHa from Joan.

Uh oh.

Narelle from Aus said...

Some poor Joan woman will be receiving your karma wrath!